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Sandstone is a multi-disciplinary counseling and assessment group-practice in the Henderson/ Las Vegas area that serves children and adults. Our compassionate and skilled clinicians are committed to helping you achieve your goals and make desired changes in a safe and empowering environment that utilizes your strengths. Sandstone has earned the "Best Mental Health Clinic in Henderson" award from 2019-2023.


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Our Key Services

Individual Therapy

Finding the right therapist to trust with your mental health is essential. We have a team of skilled and compassionate  clinicians who want to provide support and help you achieve your goals. Clinicians utilize evidence-based interventions for concerns such as: anxiety, depression, life transitions, loss, career or academic problems, trauma, dissociative identity disorder, disability issues, identity exploration, and more.

Couples and Family Therapy

Relationships are multifaceted and can be a source of fulfillment, as well as significant stress. Couples counseling provides a safe, structured environment for exploring the strengths of the partnership, as well as addressing areas that need to be strengthened. It provides a space where each person in the relationship can be heard, understood, and respected. 

Child and Adolescent Clinic

When children struggle with their mental health, it is often overwhelming and frightening for parents. Our talented pediatric therapists understand the difficulties and complexities of mental health concerns for children and their families. We provide evidence-based, system-focused intervention and support for children and their families.

Group Therapy

Research has consistently demonstrated that group therapy is as effective as individual therapy in treating most mental health conditions. Group therapy can also provide a safe space to connect with others and can assist with decreasing feelings of loneliness. We have skilled clinicians who facilitate a myriad of groups, including interpersonal awareness groups for adolescents and parenting skills group. Based on community interest, we also offer groups for grief and loss, anxiety, and depression. 

Contact us to find out which groups have open enrollment.

Psychological Testing

Evaluations help provide clarity regarding whether there is a specific condition that may explain the distressing symptoms you or your child may be experiencing. Sandstone provides comprehensive assessments that offer diagnoses, treatment recommendations, and formal accommodations for conditions such as Attention-Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder, Learning Disabilities, and Autism Spectrum Disorder. We also provide evaluations for Bariatric Weight-loss Surgery, Fertility Donor/ Surrogacy, and Gender-Affirming Surgery.

Test Anxiety Support

Sandstone clinicians are passionate about interventions for addressing test anxiety in students and professionals of all ages. We offer individual therapy services, as well as student workshops and consultation services for educators on how to manage test anxiety. Check out some of our resources below!


Tackling Test Anxiety: Online Guided Course at

Top Tips For Managing Test Anxiety

Podcast: Board of Certification for Emergency Nursing (BCEN)


Typically Monday-Friday, 9-5
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Monday-Thursday, 9-1pm

*Voicemails are Checked Daily* 

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